Our administration shall establish a TECHY VILLAGE in the three Senatorial districts of the state in a public-private partnership arrangement. The taking off of these villages will be of immense assistance to our artisans. In addition to the acquisition of new skills, they will be able to update their knowledge in their chosen vocation. The government on its own part will encourage these artisans by making them participate in government projects. Our administration will discourage the practice which has reduced our people to miserable vendors of necessaries for the patronage of technicians imported to do what the people themselves are capable of doing, if given the chance. Our people will be engaged as part of our administration’s strategy of empowering the masses.

Different vocations will be accommodated in this all-embracing attempt to free our people from poverty imposed by directionless government. Major public works will be executed by qualified companies, no doubt. Ancillary inputs must come from the local populace. Our people shall be trained for the purpose of development. They will be carried along in realising our vision and mission of laying the foundation for a self-sustaining environment.

Artisans will be encouraged to take some time off their trades to be able to update their skills and they will still be able to generate income. No segment of the society will be neglected.

The immediate effect of this policy will be easily discernible in the progressive decline in the influx of people from the rural areas to Akure, Ondo, Owo, Ikare and other urban centres in search of ever elusive opportunities.