Qualitative Education

The state of education in the country today should ordinarily excite disquiet. Our state which used to be a reference point in the past has also slipped, regrettably, into the league of educationally disadvantaged states. This is tragic indeed. The State, under our administration, will make education free and compulsory at primary and secondary school levels. Employment and periodic training of qualified teachers will also be our priority. Our public schools will be restored to their former glory. No section of our state will be discriminated against through government policies. All existing public schools shall feel the positive impact of governance.

Our Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education will receive close attention from my administration. The problem of under-funding will be addressed. Of utmost significance to me shall be the issue of curriculum review by our institutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We must all work towards reversing the unfortunate trend which has continually ensured that not only are our graduates not employed, most of them are also not employable. Education at all tiers shall aim to train students to become better citizens. Graduates of our higher institutions will possess three key qualities upon graduation; critical thinking, initiative and effective communication skills.

Other centres of learning such as school of nursing, vocational schools among others shall be adequately funded and equipped to meet the demands of development.

Information Technology shall form another plank upon which the administration will base development. Our government shall invest in ICT and our schools and institutions of higher learning stand to derive immense benefits from the acquisition of IT knowledge.