Environment/Infrastructure Management

Our administration will take the issue of the environment very seriously. Our roads, hospitals, drainages, markets and other public utilities shall be fixed and managed to derive maximum benefits. The local governments will be encouraged to partner with the state in this regard.


Any aspiration towards technological development will remain a mirage in the main if the challenge posed by inadequate supply of energy persists. No state can run a productive economy on generator. My administration will enter into partnership with interested and serious private businessmen in the energy sector. We shall strive to generate electricity in addition to the little supplied through the national grid. This will serve as a tremendous boost to the near-moribund industries in the state.

Health Care Delivery

Primary health care delivery has been a major challenge in the state. It is not enough for government to build health centres in the rural areas without adequate personnel, equipment and drugs. We shall ensure that health officers are engaged to monitor our facilities and insist on the best hygiene practices which will curb the spread of preventable diseases. We shall invest heavily in the health sector. The difference in our approach, however, will be that the people shall have real access to medi-care.

Water Resources

It is highly regrettable that there is no city in Ondo State today, almost 37 years after its creaion, where water runs from the tap. It is also disgraceful that a government that receives a huge sum as monthly allocation has been unable or unwilling to provide water for the people to drink. Is it not ironic that our state, part of which is situated on the coastal plains, lacks water for human consumption? Of what benefit is the construction of a fountain when no living abode has water? It is a mark of lack of depth on the path of the “caring” government to place much premium on beautification project which has no direct relevance to the welfare of the people at a great cost.

We shall harness water resources in the state to provide potable water for domestic and industrial use.

Road Construction

The current administration is embarking on some road construction limited to few urban arears, no doubt. The issue in question, amongst others, borders on the cost of the work being done at present. Our administration will halt the practice which allows contractors to act unethically while dealing with state resources. We shall embark on the construction of more roads both in the urban and rual areas of the state.


One of the major issues which threaten the peaceful co-existence in the country today is security. The government at the centre has been so lax in this regard. The state government appears to be too busy with contractors and other jobbers to consider this issue as important. The warped idea of federalism practised by us emasculates the so called Chief Security Officer who is the Governor. My administration will put in place an effective community policing. Above all, the greatest security in the state will be found in the quality of attention given to the welfare of the people. Our youths will be employed to secure the state. They will complement the efforts of the police and other security agencies.