The state will initiate policies that will encourage less dependence on revenue allocation from the centre progressively. It is ironic that our state which contributed immensely to the economic growth of the defunct Western Region is almost helpless without the hand-outs from the Federal Government. My administration hopes to look critically into the following areas with a view to diversifying the economy:

Tourism will be developed as an alternative source of revenue in the state. Our tourist sites in Aiyetoro Coastal Zone, Idanre mythical and historical hills, Ebomi Lake held religious awe by the people of Ipesi-Akoko, the mythical Igbo Olodumare in Oke-Igbo and other sites will be developed for the visits of local and international tourists. Other monuments of imperishable significance will be preserved and protected for the state. Our efforts will provide jobs, create legitimate avenues for trade and provide revenue for the state.

Our natural resources will be exploited for the benefit of the people of the state. Our state has no business with poverty. There is limestone, shale, gypsum, silica sand, bitumen among others. The rural areas will feel the direct impact of governance. To achieve this end the government, under my leadership, will be committed to creating enabling enviroment for the establishment of the following:

  • Coastal and Inland Fish Farming
  • Red Brick Manufacturing Plant at Okitipupa
  • Ofada Rice Mill at Alade in Idanre and along rivers floodplains
  • Glass and Silica Sand Factories at Akure
  • Stone Quarries in Akoko
  • Silicon Valley in the three Senatorial Districts for youth empowerment
  • Exploration and Development of Solid Mineral Resources such as;

Clay in Lamu in Akure LGA, and Shogbon in Okitipupa LGA;

Iron-ore Akunnu in Akoko N.E;

Kaolin in Ifon in Owo LGA

Lignite in Ute, Owo LGA;

Silica Sand in Igbokoda;

Tar Sand in Foriku and Ode Aye etc.

There is no point restating the fact that our industries have either folded up or are operating far below capacity level. Political office holders play unprofitable games with issues of development. I will provide leadership that will free our people from this unfortunate hand-out mentality, a situation which has reduced professionals to miserable rent collectors, contractors and even pimps. Our people have the capacity to be great again. We ranked among the best in the past. We have no business being poor.

Transportation of goods and services will be improved to meet the realities of an aspiring modern economy. Our waterways will be utilised to reduce the traffic and its attendant risk on the badly maintained Highways. It will be possible for anyone who intends to travel to Lagos or Ogun States from Ondo State to do so with minimal stress. In addition to this, our administration will encourage interested investors from the private sector to partner with members of the public to promote transport companies. The government will actively encourage this venture to ease the burden of transportation.

Our women, market women, professionals, artisans and petty traders shall be encouraged and actively supported to form cooperative societies. Micro finance facilities will be readily available to support those who are genuinely interested in adding economic value to our efforts in our quest for the development of the state.

In addition, the government hopes to join the rest of the region in restoring the lost glory. Rail lines linking the states in the region will serve as significant stimulus to the aspiration for economic integration.